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The NCL Experience inspires and empowers women to succeed as confident, well-rounded and socially aware contributors in their communities.

The value of membership in National Charity League, Inc. lasts a lifetime.  NCL uniquely draws women and girls together to focus their minds, hearts and talents towards creating positive change in their communities and the nation.  Each NCL, Inc. Chapter, with the guidance of the National organization, develops its own six-year plan, which includes a variety of age appropriate and meaningful programming opportunities for daughters, called Ticktockers, as well as for mothers, called Patronesses.  

Each Ticktocker grade level is organized by elected Ticktocker officers and coached by a Patroness acting as a Grade Level Advisor.  The activities designated on the six-year plan are organized for Personal Development (life skills), Leadership Development (professional skills) and Cultural Competency (social skills). 

In addition to working closely with daughters and supporting their local communities, all Patronesses hold a Chapter job each year and actively participate as leaders in the operational success of the Chapter. 

Community Service

Promote social awareness that creates action to meet needs and inspires others to become servant leaders.

Each NCL, Inc. Chapter considers the local community’s needs and determines the not-for-profit organizations they will support. This support primarily comes in the form of volunteer hours and organizational skills.   Chapters are not permitted to fundraise on behalf of other non-profits, but they may raise money, which they may give back to the community by way of grants or scholarships to local students.  Some of the areas supported by local Chapters include:

  • Disadvantaged children’s agencies
  • Soup kitchens/Food pantry
  • Libraries
  • Performing arts institutions and programs   
  • Convalescent hospitals and Senior citizens centers/Day care centers
  • Animal and art therapy organizations
  • Homeless shelters
  • Children’s hospitals
  • Women’s health iniatives
  • Art museums


Maximize your potential to be a confident role model by embracing “who you are” which empowers your personal sense of purpose and allows you to be an advocate for others.

The leadership development opportunities afforded to members through their experience provide foundational skills such as:

  • Organizational skills management
  • Parliamentary procedures
  • Consensus building
  • How to build a budget and run an effective meeting  
  • Team building
  • Time management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Event planning

Cultural Experiences

Create an environment that nurtures positive identity by recognizing and appreciating the value of differences in each other and the world.

Exposure to culturally diverse peoples and events broadens perspective, promotes awareness and teaches cultural sensitivity. Some of the cultural experiences in which local Chapters engage include:

  • Performance art by members of another culture
  • Museum of Tolerance
  • Cultural centers
  • Museums or gallery showings  
  • Dance performances such as ballet
  • Renaissance Fair
  • Symphonies
  • Plays
  • Operas

Some time-honored NCL traditions are cultural activities designed to teach members etiquette, graciousness,  self-assuredness in social settings, good manners and respect of others.



"Having my daughters bloom with me along the path has made this one of life's best experiences. I love National Charity League."

Dawn Georgious, Patroness
Almaden Blossom Valley Chapter

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