NCL, Inc. Directors

A volunteer Board of Directors made up of outstanding community volunteers from Chapters across the country governs National Charity League, Inc.


Donna Welsh – President

Donna is a Sustainer member of the Portland, Oregon Chapter, Region IV, District 13. She currently resides in San Antonio, Texas and is excited to be back in her home state.  Donna served in many positions in the Portland Chapter, including VP Ticktockers, VP Ways and Means, Grade Level Advisor, Provisional Chair, and President.  READ MORE...

Shawn Sylvia Immediate Past President

Shawn is honored to be a member of two National Charity League, Inc. chapters in Region IV, District 2. She started as a founding President of the Marin Chapter in 1999 and joined the San Francisco Chapter in 2004.  READ MORE...

Pam Johannsen – Vice President

Pam is a Sustainer member of the Fort Collins Chapter (Region III, District 11) and has remained a committed NCL member.  Serving as the District 11 Director and National District Coordinator has been followed by supporting NCL, Inc.'s expansion efforts.  READ MORE...

Julie Stackhouse – Treasurer

Julie is a sustainer and honorary life member of the Gateway Chapter in St. Louis, MO.  While an active member 2006-2012, Julie served two terms as Chapter President and two terms as Vice President of Communications, and one term as Immediate Past President.  READ MORE...

Lynne Zuckerman Secretary

Lynne is an active Sustainer of the Conejo Valley Chapter in Region V, District 3, as a member of Las Perlas.  During her 6 years as an active Patroness, she served on her Chapter Board for 5 years, including serving as Chapter President.  READ MORE...

Cheryl LaMee – Region I Director

Cheryl LaMee hails from the Wellesley Chapter in District 9.  District 9 has grown by 50% since Cheryl started the Wellesley Chapter in 2010 - adding chapters in Fairfield, CT, Southern New Hampshire and two in Pennsylvania.  READ MORE...

Terri Hitchcock – Region II Director

Terri is a member of the Southlake Chapter, Region II, District 15. She and her only daughter, Katie, embarked on their NCL journey in 2003 with a wonderful class filled with community-service-minded women, both daughters and mothers, many of whom became key leaders of the Chapter.  READ MORE...

Kelly Leppien Region III Director

Currently living in “The Thumb” of Michigan, Kelly is an Honorary Life member of the East Valley Chapter in Arizona.  READ MORE...

Wendy Ridderbusch – Region IV Director

Wendy is an Honorary Life Member and Sustainer of the Sacramento Chapter (Region IV, District 12 ) located in Northern California, where she held the offices of Vice President Philanthropy and President.

Tory Howe – Region V Director

Tory hails from the Southern California Chapter of San Marino. Now a Sustainer, she has held the offices of Luncheon and Ball Chair, Provisional Chair, President Elect, President, and Past President of her Chapter.

Denise Lilley At Large Director

As the mother of four daughters, Denise began her NCL adventure in 1998, with her youngest in the graduating TT class of 2010.  She served as Chapter President, VP Membership, VP Philanthropy and GLA in her daughter's classes.  READ MORE...

Michele Prescott – At Large Director

Michele has been a member of National Charity League Inc., Poway Chapter and a part of Region 5/District 6, for three years where she served on the board as Chapter President.  READ MORE...

Therese Moore – At Large Director

Therese is a Sustainer and Honorary Life Member of the Bayou Villages Chapter in Region II District 10.  In the Bayou Villages Chapter, she held numerous positions including GLA and served on the Chapter board for 5 years as Recording Secretary, Standards Chairman, President-Elect, President and Immediate Past President. 

Catherine Kauffman  – At Large Director

Catherine is proud to be an Honorary Life member of the Scottsdale Chapter in Region III, District 8.  She has been in NCL since 2002 serving alongside her two daughters, Ilyssa, class of 2007 and Alexandra, class of 2009. 

Debbie May – At Large Director

Debbie May is a Sustaining member of the Cardinal Chapter in Cary, North Carolina (Region 1, District 14).  She has been in NCL with her two daughters Nicole, Class of 2008, and Emily, Class of 2009 since 2004.


"Having my daughters bloom with me along the path has made this one of life's best experiences. I love National Charity League."

Dawn Georgious, Patroness
Almaden Blossom Valley Chapter

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