Interest in Membership

National Charity League, Inc. is a sponsorship organization, which means a Prospective member needs to be sponsored by a current member of the Chapter she wishes to join. The majority of NCL Chapters fill their classes beginning in fall of her daughter’s 6th grade year and rarely reopen their older classes. In order to have the best chance to join an NCL Chapter, she should plan to secure a sponsor and apply to the Chapter in the fall of her daughter’s 6th grade year.

NCL is designed as a small group leadership development program, so grade level classes are kept intentionally small. Class sizes and grade level availability are determined by the Chapter Board each year. When the interest in NCL membership consistently exceeds the number of grade level openings in a Chapter, NCL, Inc. evaluates the need for a new Chapter.

Please note: The majority of NCL Chapters fill their classes during the daughter's 6th grade year and rarely reopen those classes.

Find a Sponsor

If you know someone in NCL, talk to her about her Chapter’s boundaries, membership obligations and membership drive timeline. If you do not know someone in NCL, you may complete the Interest in Membership Form below. We are happy to forward your completed form onto the Chapter(s) to which you might be eligible to join, but understand that it is your responsibility to secure a sponsor.

Please note: Securing a sponsor, applying to a Chapter and/or inquiring about membership does not guarantee membership in the Chapter.


Contact a Chapter

The best way to find out more about joining a specific Chapter is to contact the Chapter directly via their NCL website. Because NCL Chapters are run by volunteers (they do not have offices or staff), contact information for individuals is not publicly available.

  1. If you know someone in the Chapter you wish to join, you may ask her to connect you to her Chapter’s Membership VP.
  2. You may email a specific Chapter through the “Contact Us” section of their Chapter Website. Click here to find a Chapter.
  3. You may complete and submit the Interest in Membership from (below) and the NCL headquarters staff who will forward it onto the appropriate Chapter(s).
Interest in Membership Form

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NOTE:  Please be advised that your submission may take time to be reviewed.  Since NCL Chapters do not have offices or staff there may be a delay in response.  If you are submitting this form within the months of June and July (summer vacation period) a response could take up to six weeks.  If you are submitting between August and May and do not receive a response within two weeks please email the NCL Inc., Headquarters so that we may assist you in contacting the Chapter(s) of interest.  Find a Chapter