About Our Chapter

NCL, Inc., Middlesex Chapter is a group of mothers and daughters who have come together in a commitment to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences.
Members shall reside in Concord or Carlisle. Like all NCL, Inc. Chapters, Middlesex aims to foster the mother-daughter relationship by serving its communities together.

Our chapter was founded in 2000, and at the time was the 93rd Chapter for NCL, Inc. and the first to charter in Massachusetts. Today, we have a strong membership of 300 mothers and daughters in grades 7 – 12.

Our mothers (called Patronesses) and daughters (called Ticktockers) take on and carry out the NCL, Inc. mission, vision and core values through a variety of event programs, leadership, and service opportunities. We support almost 40 not-for-profit organizations and philanthropies and annually perform over 4000 hours of service to our community.  As a 100% volunteer organization, membership in our Chapter requires a commitment of time and service, and carries an annual membership fee.  

We are excited to be celebrating our 20th anniversary as a Chapter, making a difference in our community through the umbrella of the National Charity League!

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Our mailing address is:

NCL Inc., Middlesex Chapter
PO Box 161
Concord, MA 01742

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Membership Inquiry Form

For any questions regarding Membership, requests for transfers or assistance with connecting as a Sustainer, email us.

Middlesex Membership Drive Information

You must live in either Concord or Carlisle, MA to be considered for membership in the Middlesex Chapter.

Our annual membership drive runs from early January – mid-February of a Prospective Ticktocker’s 6th grade year (meaning your daughter should be in the 7th grade the September following admission).

Membership may be considered at the 7th, 8th and 9th grade levels on a space-available basis.  These applications are also reviewed during the annual membership drive.

The Ticktocker Experience

The Ticktocker experience is designed to be a 6 year leadership program that provides opportunities for our daughters to experience the joy of helping others, to learn tolerance and kindness, to build confidence, and to connect with others all while participating in these volunteer and learning activities in a safe and comfortable environment.   

Specific areas of age-appropriate development and education are outlined for the Ticktockers while they are members.  Areas of focus include:

* friendship/etiquette (7th grade)
* high school preparation (8th grade)
* time management (9th grade)
* interpersonal relationships (10th grade)
* college options, applications and interview skills (11th grade)
* independent living skills (12th grade)

The Patroness Experience

The Patroness experience offers an opportunity to strengthen the mother-daughter bond while working alongside our daughters. As Patronesses, we also aim to model the qualities we hope to encourage in our daughters: leadership, teamwork, strength of character and commitment to social responsibility.   All Patronesses hold a Chapter job each year and actively participate as leaders in the operational success of the Chapter.

Please fill out the membership inquiry form above! If you have any questions, please email: membershipmiddlesex@nclonline.org

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mothers and their daughters (grades 7-12) participate in a program that embraces:

Community Service

  • AccessSportAmerica
  • Concord Carlisle Community Chest
  • Concord Prison Outreach
  • Cradles to Crayons
  • Emerson Hospital Auxiliary
  • House of Hope
  • Household Goods
  • Newbury Court
  • Open Table Maynard
  • Operation American Soldier

Leadership Development

  • President: Holly Legault
  • President Elect: Tracey Marano
  • Secretary: Wendy Millette
    Gina LaCorcia
  • Treasurer: Susan Ledoux
    Sandra Freund
  • Parliamentarian: Linda Schubnel
    Colleen Henschke
  • Vice President Communications: Kristi Detweiler
    Kathryn Watson
  • Vice President Membership: Jennifer Morris
    Cate Waldeck
  • Vice President Patroness Activities: Sarah Wieland
    Fiona Sibley
  • Vice President Philanthropy: Mary Tambor
    Shannon Kenney
  • Vice President Provisionals: Jennifer Ubaldino
    Jennifer Perrotta
  • Vice President Ticktockers: Kathryne Friess
    Kara Lyons

Cultural Experiences

Other annual activities of our Chapter include:

  • Guest Speakers such as Maura Healey, Massachusetts Attorney General
  • The annual Awards and Installation Ceremony where we welcome new members and celebrate the volunteer achievements of our current members.
  • Senior Recognition where moms and daughters celebrate growth and achievements at the end of the NCL, Inc. 6 year experience.