Forever NCL Sustainers


Embracing NCL Culture

Linda Martens shares her NCL journey from a Provisional Ticktocker to a Sustainer Patroness. The spirit of Forever NCL is evident in her remarkable story of commitment to philanthropy and women in leadership through decades of service. Watch her story here.


Conversations with Iris Krasnow

We are in this together, and that truth offers much comfort, as we endure the challenges of a lingering pandemic and bear witness to a country undergoing a difficult and crucial awakening. Beyond the empowering sense that comes from unity, the two qualities that keep us centered and sane in challenging times are hope and gratitude. Hope and gratitude are qualities we feel and know deeply, qualities we can count on to keep us forging onward with courage and strength, as we collectively face the unknown. (Read More*) *Requires member login


Sustainer Opportunities
Susan Merrell introduces exciting new opportunities for our Sustainer members, including a Forever NCL Sustainers Facebook group and Forever NCL Book Club series. We held our first Book Club event last month and will have another in August with over 1,000 members participating. Don’t miss out!


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Join our Forever NCL Sustainers Facebook group.