Look to the Future


Dear NCL Friends,

Fall is a time of introspection and looking ahead, beyond winter, to the new spring that will come again. Introspection is self-examination and it’s what we’ve been doing at NCL, Inc. for the past three years as we streamline our organization and prepare for the generations of members who will join us in our quest to serve communities and develop philanthropic leaders.

You may have heard us talk about change and the need to modernize the National Charity League experience in order to remain relevant to our members and increase our community impact. Since 1925, mothers have been teaching their daughters the importance of philanthropy through their involvement with National Charity League. Today, we are 268 Chapters and 73,000 members strong with thousands more alumnae who have been touched by the NCL program experience. With nearly 3 million volunteer hours contributed in NCL chapters and in collaboration with more than 4,000 philanthropy partners across the U.S. this year alone, NCL remains the most respected and largest mother-daughter volunteer organization in the world.

Our achievements this past year are possible because of your ongoing support and commitment to NCL. Here are a few highlights as we head into our new NCL year:

  • Spring 2019 meetings were held as a “virtual” online training experience and the vast majority of members welcomed the new time-saving approach. Our goal is to reach 100% of incoming Chapter leaders and the new on-demand training model has helped us deliver consistent and timely Chapter job training to more leaders than ever.
  • “Volunteering with Vision” was our annual conference theme and articulates our shared vision, purpose and goals. You can learn more about our Vision 2022 and how together we can serve more communities through NCL by visiting our public website.
  • An expanded Help Desk is now available by phone, email and social media to answer your questions and provide assistance to all NCL Chapters and Members. It’s open from 7 am – 5 pm PST and our team look forward to serving your needs.
  • Our Resource Development initiative includes an updated Conference Sponsorship opportunity presentation that you can share with like-minded individuals or companies who are interested in supporting NCL. Download the packet here and take a look at the many different donor opportunities.
  • Recognizing our past NCL, Inc. Board presidents, Board members and national leaders is an important part of honoring our history and embracing NCL’s culture of volunteerism. This year, we will be sharing more about these amazing women, their inspiring stories and why they chose to serve NCL beyond their active years. Stay tuned!

We are truly excited about the changes that are underway that will help prepare NCL for the future. Thank you for continuing the legacy of the thousands of NCL mothers and daughters who have come before you. The future looks bright with 73,000 leaders just like you representing NCL in hundreds of communities across the country.

With humble gratitude,