Why Daughter’s Day (Sept. 25) May Be More Important Than It Seems, Especially This Year

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By Jennifer Lane
National Board President, National Charity League, Inc.

(September 25, 2022)

September 25 is Daughter’s Day. It’s a challenging time to be a daughter, especially a teen daughter. And, it is a challenging time to be a mother of a teen daughter. Society spends a lot of time each year – and rightfully so – celebrating Mother’s Day, but less time celebrating Daughter’s Day. This year, we at National Charity League thought it was important to acknowledge the unique role daughters play in moving us forward as a society.

Mother-daughter relationships are pivotal in holding a society together, in influencing everything from the well-being of individual family units to the health of whole communities in which these mothers and daughters live. As the only organization focused exclusively on the mother-daughter relationship and its fundamental role in creating the women and communities of tomorrow through philanthropy, we at National Charity League have always believed in the importance of celebrating each new generation of women and what mothers and daughters bring to the evolution of our families, our neighborhoods, and our world.

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