Donor Honor Roll

A big thank you to our generous individual and family donors who are listed here. We are also grateful to our business and philanthropy partners also listed in the Partners section of our website.

With your support, our vision and mission of promoting philanthropy, and cultural awareness while developing strong female leaders to help communities thrive is more alive than ever.


Diamond $100,000 +

Dion Family Foundation in honor of Jan Dion,
Past National President

Platinum $40,000+

Lynne Zuckerman, Past National President and Sustainer
Denise Lilley, Past National President and Sustainer

Gold $20,000+

Linda Martens, Past National President and Sustainer



In our 2023 Donor Honor Roll, we gratefully acknowledge gifts and pledges received to support NCL, Inc. made from September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023. Pledges are recognized in the full amount in the fiscal year they are made. Subsequent pledge payments are recognized at the level of payment made in that fiscal year.

Michele Crabtree
Denise Lilley
Linda Blaskowsky
Nancy A Dean
Jen Freyer
Beverly Hottois
Joyce A Jackson, In Memory of Stephen H Jennings
Cheryl LaMee
Jennifer Lane
Debbie May
Pipes Family Foundation
Sara Ricciardi
Kalynn Swinbank
For Ticktockers Everywhere
Kenji & Maya Baba
Andrea Barry
Jessica Collins
Stacy Cortesano
Yadi Coto
Montserrat de Muller
Laura Distefano
Allison Doherty Sundberg – Class of 2004
Melissa Doherty – Class of 2007
Jen Freyer
Pam Johanssen
Lana Lakdawala
Jenn Madden
Sean McCracken
Jonell Mertens
Eva Mettrey
Kristen and Robert Sanger
Elizabeth Shabaker
Tanya Sterling
Dara Wilk

Lisa, Lindsey and Paige Acquistapace
Mirela Albertsen
Erika Alvarez
Kim Anton
Priscilla Arguez
Jessica Arnold
Carrie Baker
Elin Bergh
Norma S. Bernard
Joe Billante
Deanne Bilsborough
Jennifer Blakey
Citalli Blanchet
Ainsley Blue
Tom Boyle
Stephanie Brady
Teresa Brinton
Laura Brown, NCL Buckhead
Nancy Brown
Sheryl Brownfield
Lisa Bukata
Lauren Burke
Dr. Keisha Renee’ Callins
Joanne Cameron
Catherine Campbell
Kimberly Cannon
Elizabeth Cantu
Catherine Carlton
Chuyan Chan (Maya)
Rema and Jinan Chazbek
Teresa Childs
Tammy Clark
Becky and Coco Clarke
Aliya Coher
Cheryl Connolly
Amanda J Cooper – Green Valley Chapter, Class of 2024
Theresa Courtney
Robin Crawford
Stacey Crosby
Noreen Curry
Antonia Cusumano
Katherine Daigle
Suzanne Mouron Davidson
Angie Davis
Laura den Boer
Linda Doherty
Marites Domingo
Misty Drake
Aimee Dress
Meredith Garvin Druyen
Kimberly Durland, Dogwood Chapter
Diantha Duvall
Caren Edler – Canyon Chapter
Robin Eisman Interior Design
James Ericson
Mary F
Angie Fator
Alex Filippenko
Jennifer Finley
C. Fischer
Ivy Fitzpatrick
Kelly Fogarty
Jessica Foley
Elizabeth Forman
Lavonne Fritschy
Julie Gasperini
Michele Gibbons
The Gibbs Family
Aimee Gillum – In Honor of Abigail Gillum
Carrie and Jennifer Gilmore
Suma Gona
Erin Gravlin
Dr. Sheila Gujrathi
Dustee Gutierrez
Debra Hakman
Halcyon Home LLC, Amy Sweet Owner
Michele Hentrich Harbin
Michelle Hatanaka
Diana L Henry
Lisa Herrick
Jessica Hood
Cheryl Hollabaugh
Chastiti Horne Houck
Robin Horrigan, NCL Blue Hills, Chapter President
A. Hoven
Anita Hubbard
Toula Hubbard
Drue and Talia Hulmer-Vest (2026)
Julia Huseman
Robert Jacobs
Jen & Dana
Erica Johnston
Ella and Jill Kaale
Dokleida Kawaja
Katie Kerr
Melanie King
Elspeth Kinnucan
Laura Kopp
Michelle Kranz
Judy Krendick
Lusine Lalabekyan
Marilyn and Nicole Lapkass
Pamela LaPlaca
Las Perlas Sustainers, NCL Conejo Valley Chapter
Lisa Lerner
Cheryl & Storey Lewis
Pei-Chun Liao
Ms. Robin Locke
Dr. Celina Longoria
Keli Luce
Cheryl Lynch
Silvana Gonzalez M.
Michelle Mainez
Jennifer Mallinger-McCormick
Catherine Marrs
Casandra and Ellie Mae Matej
Amy McAnarney
Erika McCarthy
Noelle McDaniel
Francesca McGuinness
McNamara Family
Sarah McNamara
Hollin McWilliams
Pamela Meuter
Maria Mikhail
Cynthia Miller
Kelly and Kate Miller
Lia Peterson Miller
Todd Miller
Margo Montgomery
Brenda Moss
Sara Nastopoulos
Catherine Neis
Julie Newell
Mary Nichols
Heather and Logan Nordahl
Arzu Osborne
Ayn & Kate Owens
Monica Parmar
Marta Pemberton
Alison J. Peterson
Nora Peterson
Natalie Pfeiffer
Rio Phior
Elle Pickelman
Lezlie Renee’ Pipes
Ellen Portantino
Tawnya Quinn
Nita R
Elaine Randall
Jennifer Raulet
Anitra Richardson
Karen Ricketts, Preston Bluebonnet Chapter
Meredith Ridgway
Liza Rivera
Cassie Roberts
Kristy Rodrigues
Matthew Rosenthal
Rolling Hills Sustainer
Jennifer Rutherford
Gigi Sanchez
Karen Schellenberg, PsyD
Marc Schriftman
Penelope Schwartzkopf
Robin & Addison Scott
Toni Scurria
Ashley Seamster
Cristina Secrest
Marisa Gibson Selkirk
Mary Sladovnik
Kristen Solo
Alissa Speziale, MD
Obie and Judy Stalcup
Lynn Stall
Kim and Kate Suarez, Class of 2027
Val & Addie Swift
Heaven Tempalski
Chantal Tkachuk
Lee Timmons
Jhoanna Torres
Mary Tricamo-Park
Justine Ulmer
Heather Unterseher
Rebecca Vermeulen
Stephanie Vitanza
Bonnie Vogel
Jennifer Walwark
Chantelle Weiss
Analise Wells
Cynthia Werth
Michele Weymer
Natalie White
Stacey White
Beth Wiand
AJ Wilbur
Lucy Wolthoff
Kame Woo
Gina Woodall
Catherine Worden
Rebecca Wright
Jamie Young
Crissy Zak

Thank you to our additional donors for using Amazon Smile and naming National Charity League, Inc. their charity of choice.