A Big Thank You

to our generous donors! With your support, our goal of promoting social responsibility, developing strong leaders and reaching more communities is becoming a reality.


Diamond $100,000 +

Dion Family Foundation in honor of Jan Dion,
Past National President

Platinum $40,000+

Lynne Zuckerman, Past National President and Sustainer

Gold $10,000+

Denise Lilley, National President and Sustainer


Fiscal Year 2021

Denise Lilley


Beverly Hottois
Joyce Jackson – In honor of Stephen H Jennings
Jennifer Lane
Debbie May
Alexandra Potts
Margaret Satchell – In honor of Carla, Sophia and Sarah Satchell


Sarah Arndt
Kenji Baba
Andrea Barry
Heather Blocker-Orme
Lizzie Calne – In honor of the San Fernando Valley Chapter, Class of 2025
Jill Cecchini
Kyla Chee
Stacy Cortesano
Montserrat de Muller
Pamela Johannsen
Linda Kaan
Jennifer Madden
Eva Mettrey
Marie Nagata
Brenda Polivka
Ann Spencer


Amazon Smile
Maya Baba
Buffy Baggott
Kathy Bakal
Jonathan Barilone – In honor of Nicole Smith
Joan Barker – In honor of my chapter, Northeast Atlanta
Shannon Bennett
Linda Blaskowsky
Michael Blick
Sharla Calloway
Esther Christensen – On behalf of Ethan And Julie Christensen
Karla Chung – Rancho Irvine Chapter
Aileen Cordero
Robert Cull
Nancy Dean
Laura denBoer
Jackie Dennington
Allison Doherty – Class of 2004
Melissa Doherty – Class of 2007
Robin Doherty – In Memory of Tom Gibbins
Enid Dunbar
Mary Evans
Sue Fangmann
James Finete – In honor of Joe and Jeanette Finete
Cassie Gabler
Tomika Hargett
Tomika Hargett – In honor of 2020-2021 Northeast Atlanta Chapter Board of Directors
April Hoff
Heather Hooper
Olivia Hroncich
Susan Jacobsen
Marco Johnson –  In honor of Marilyn Johnson
Colette Jones
Tia Kline
Cynthi Knight
Anita Kramer
Kathy Kwon and Sadie Jun – Pier Chapter
Leslie Larocca
Sara Leete
Susan Linville
Beth Maeyama
Elizabeth Masur
Michelle McDermott
Georgeann McGrew
Erin McLoughlin
Susan Merrell
Jonell Mertens
Kirstin Meyer
Lorinda Nelson
Rory Olivarez
PayPal Giving Fund
Rio Phior
Lezlie Renee’ Pipes
Kari Plush
Jessica Price
Leah Price – On behalf of my brother, his wife and their family
Barbara Richards
Shannon Richter
Debbie Rider
Santosh Rohira
Erin Rudin
Kristine Schaefer
Kim Schwarz
Kristen Shes
Carol Shi
Anneliese van der Pol
Anette Veldhuyzen
Mona Wasef
Anne Witherspoon
Beth Zemcik



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