As a multi-generational philanthropic organization of mothers and daughters, we donate close to three million hours annually to over 6,000 charities in the United States. We practice philanthropy, the active effort to promote human welfare.

We welcome females or individuals who identify as female to participate in our programs. Our programs empower women to succeed as confident, well-rounded contributors to society while making a positive impact in the communities they serve.


Our Vision

Connecting hearts, hands and minds so that every community thrives.

Our Mission

Fostering the mother-daughter relationship through an ongoing commitment to philanthropy, culture and leadership.


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Our programming pillars

  • Philanthropy – Understanding and serving communities in partnership with local and national nonprofits
  • Leadership – Building capable, courageous leaders through opportunities to learn, reflect and develop
  • Culture – Preserving National Charity League traditions and core values while appreciating the growth that comes from connecting with different communities and cultures


Our core values
  • Strengthening the mother-daughter bond
  • Empowering women with the skills and confidence to mentor and lead
  • Inspiring a legacy of social awareness and compassion
  • Providing depth of support in local communities
  • Honoring a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Modeling integrity, graciousness, and excellence



National Charity League recognizes the importance of diverse perspectives and experiences to meet the needs of the communities we serve. We welcome diversity across our membership and in our community partnerships. We listen to the needs of our communities, enable mothers and daughters to address those needs, and inspire a legacy of social awareness and compassion.