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Through the generosity of a $250,000 anonymous challenge match gift, we seek to raise the additional $250,000 by December 2025. Every dollar raised will be doubled through this generous match. Imagine the power of the multiplier effect. With your investment, we will achieve our goal of establishing a $500,000 fund that inspires innovation and leadership in local communities through our local chapters.

Goal: $250,000
Total Raised To Date: $107,174


The Opportunity is Here

National Charity League, Inc.’s “Inspire Innovation Fund” is designed to support our youngest female members (grades 7-12) with the power to change the tide. This is a bold effort to support our youngest members’ practice of philanthropy by turning their most inspiring dreams into action. The fund will provide competitive grant funding to National Charity League’s chapters, through our Ticktocker Councils, to bring fresh program ideas forward in the areas of leadership, philanthropy, and culture. Each year, our young women’s most innovative concepts will be submitted and funded with the intention of turning the very best ideas into reality.



Ways to Give

You can invest in the Ticktocker Inspire Innovation Fund in the following ways:


Campaign Leadership
  • Lynne Zuckerman – Committee Chair
  • Michele Crabtree
  • Robin Doherty
  • Denise Lilley
  • Linda Martens
  • Wendy Ridderbusch
  • Dara Wilk
  • Nancy Dean – CEO


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Will you help us to empower the voice and action of young women? This experience will not only shape the future of our organization and the communities we serve, but also the lives of those who are willing to support young women to make this fund a reality.



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