Thank you to our 2018 Conference Sponsors!


NCL Sponsorship activates your brand, our Members, their communities, and the over 3,000 philanthropies we serve. Sponsors receive participation in key events and exposure to our 65,000+ active Members, our Alumnae, and the communities served by 250 Chapters. Members donate up to 1.4 million hours annually, making a $30 million impact.


  • Sponsor the nation’s largest multi-generational mother-daughter volunteer organization
  • Engage and network with influential and motivated female leaders
  • Demonstrate support for philanthropic causes with NCL sponsorship
  • Get up to half a million brand impressions when championed by our public relations and marketing
  • Share valuable intelligence, insights, perspectives and opinions from our Members


Women are the nation’s top consumers, representing over $7 trillion in purchasing power. They make 85% of all consumer purchases and hold over 60% of all U.S. personal wealth.┬áIf those figures aren’t compelling enough, take into account that 64% of young women ask their mother’s advice before purchasing a new product. Brand loyalty is created early in a girl’s development.


They are mothers (avg. age 40-49) and daughters (ages 12-18). Over 60% of our mothers are employed, 53% are college-educated and 77% are in an $150,000+ income bracket.


Please download our NCL 2018 Annual Leadership Conference Sponsorship for more information. Other opportunities are available as well. For more information, please contact us at or call 714-966-1005.