In Humble Service to Our Members

We do our very best to support and guide the organization with respect for our traditions, an eye toward simplification and modernization, enhancing our mother-daughter experience and expanding our social impact.

Our NCL, Inc. Board of Directors

Our Leadership Development Team

Our Staff
  • Emily Baba – Communications Manager
  • Teresa Bailey – Help Desk Support
  • Katie Earnhart – Community Outreach Specialist
  • Zelma Ellis – Office Administrator
  • Cassie Gabler – Communications Specialist
  • Leslie Gambrell – Director of Member Services
  • Tia Kline – Controller
  • Susan Merrell – Sustainer Membership Coordinator
  • Laura Omholt – Help Desk Support
  • Pawntra Shadab – Events Coordinator
  • Iris Swinea – Director of Programs
  • Rebecca Warbrick – Membership Field Representative
  • Mona Wasef – Administrative/HR Specialist