Sustainers are Members that have completed the NCL Experience and wish to continue their NCL, Inc. Membership for a lifetime! There is great value in Sustainer Membership as Sustainers can continue impacting their Chapter and their community.


Who is eligible to be a Sustainer?

A Patroness is eligible to be a Sustainer after two years as an Active Member in Good Standing. A Ticktocker is eligible to be a Sustainer when she finishes as an Active Ticktocker in Good Standing through 12th grade. Sustainer Membership is individual, so a Patroness does not need to be a Sustainer with her daughter.


What are the requirements for Sustainers?

Sustainer Members pay annual dues to their Chapter, which are typically less than dues for Active Members and, if applicable, Sustainer fees. Sustainer dues and mandatory fees are set forth in the Chapter’s Bylaws. There are no hours or meeting requirements.


How do I become a Sustainer?

You must reconnect with the Chapter you completed your NCL Experience with. Click here to find your Chapter and the Chapter’s VP of Membership’s email. Email a request to or state your interest in becoming a Sustainer Member.

If you have moved out of the area, you will need to rejoin your Original Chapter and then transfer your Membership to a Chapter in your area. The VP of Membership can help you with this.





Benefits to the Member:

  • Access to the new Sustainer Directory!
    • Sustainer Ticktockers heading to college, new careers or locations can network
    • Connect with Sustainers across the country
    • Get in touch with former Members from your Chapter
    • Filter by topics such as sorority, college, or state
  • Receive quarterly E-newsletters and updates on NCL activities
  • Ongoing access to Chapter and NCL, Inc. websites and available resources
  • Invitations to NCL, Inc. trainings and webinars
  • Social activities and networking with peers
  • Opportunity to mentor Active and Provisional Members
  • and so much more!

Benefits to the Chapter:

  • Depth of experience from seasoned Members, who can serve as mentors/advisors or guest speakers
  • Resource to support Chapter questions and facilitate long term networking
  • More “helping hands”
  • Continued impact to the Chapter and community