Become a member

Are you interested in joining a Chapter?

A Prospective Member must be sponsored by a current Member of the Chapter she wishes to join. Membership opportunities are dependent on Chapter openings.

How to Find a Chapter:

Use the map below and scroll to zoom into an area to find the closest Chapter. Some of our Chapters have overlapping boundaries, so be sure to check any Chapters in nearby cities. To search by city, click the square icon in the upper right hand corner to “view larger map” and then click the magnifying glass to type the city you are located in.

Once you’ve located your desired Chapter, you will obtain the Chapter’s information including boundaries, public website URL and membership email. You can go to the Chapter’s public website, click on Membership Information and fill out the corresponding form; or email the VP Membership directly using the membership email listed.

For a detailed list of Chapters and their boundaries, sorted by state and major area/city, click here.



Have you completed the NCL Experience and want to reconnect?If you are looking to reconnect as a Sustainer Member, find your Original Chapter with which you completed your NCL Experience, choose the “Inquire to Join” button, select “Membership Information” from the Chapter’s home page, and find the VP of Membership’s email.

To see the Chapters serving your area:

  • Click on state/region.
  • Click on a Chapter.
  • The geographical boundaries, which are determined by each Chapter, will appear.
  • Click the “Inquire to Join” button to be directed to the Chapter website.

Please note: The majority of NCL, Inc. Chapters fill their classes during the daughter’s 6th grade year.