About Our Chapter

NCL, Inc., Fairfield Chapter is a group of mothers and daughters who have come together in a commitment to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences.
Members shall reside in or attend school in the Fairfield area. Like all NCL, Inc. Chapters, Fairfield aims to foster the mother-daughter relationship by serving its communities together.

In June 2013, thirty Fairfield mothers and thirty-nine daughters in grades seven through twelve became Founding Members of the newly formed Fairfield Expansion Chapter. These members quickly set to work establishing the Chapter’s first adopted philanthropy partners, developing a curriculum that include service, leadership development and cultural experience and setting up the organizational systems that are critical to an effective and efficient organization. Having met the requirements set forth by NCL, Inc., the Fairfield Chapter received its charter in March 2015.

The Fairfield Chapter is comprised of mother-daughter teams who live or attend school in Fairfield. Current Ticktockers attend various schools including: Fairfield Woods Middle School, Roger Ludlowe Middle School, Tomlinson Middle School, Fairfield Ludlowe HS, Fairfield Warde HS, Hopkins School, Lauralton Hall, Sacred Heart Academy, St. Luke’s School, and St. Thomas Aquinas School.


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Membership Inquiry Form

For any questions regarding Membership, requests for transfers or assistance with connecting as a Sustainer, email us.


The Fairfield Chapter conducts a sponsored Membership Drive from October to mid-January each year. To be considered, applicants must live in or near Fairfield or the daughter of the applicant must attend school in Fairfield. At the time of application, girls should be in grades 6, 7, 8 or 9.

Each applicant must be sponsored by a Patroness of the Fairfield Chapter. Please approach a current Member to ask if she will sponsor you. In some cases, a courtesy Sponsor may be assigned to an applicant.

If you have an interest or passion for service, leadership development, and cultural enrichment, please complete the Membership Inquiry Form below. The Membership Committee will provide dates and details about the current Membership drive.

If you know someone in NCL, talk to her about her Chapter’s boundaries, membership obligations, and membership drive timeline. If you do not know someone in NCL, Inc. you are invited to submit the following form.

Please click here to fill out and submit your Membership Inquiry form, or for any questions regarding Membership, requests for transfers, or assistance with connecting as a Sustainer, email us at membershipfairfield@nclonline.org.

How Do I Join NCL, Inc., Fairfield Chapter?

For more information, please contact nclfairfield@gmail.com. If you and your daughter are interested in joining NCL, Inc., Fairfield Chapter, there are many opportunities to find out more about our organization. Please contact at least two NCL members who will sponsor you and your daughter. Those sponsoring members will forward to you a Prospective Member Packet or you can pick one up at an informational coffee.

There are prospective information coffees held in the fall and winter. This year, our informational coffees VIRTUAL will be held on  Wednesday, November 17th at 7:00 PM and Thursday, January 13th at 7:00 PM.

FYI – Attendance at the informational meeting is not required in order to apply for membership, but highly recommended. 


Zoom Link for Wednesday, November 17th at 7:00 PM: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/943603163 

Zoom Link for Thursday, January 13th at 7:00 PM:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9436031630 

Please RSVP which session you plan to attend by emailing: membershipfairfield@nclonline.org 

Prospective membership packets are here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kNCv6gZ9Hk9ysSBl_FJykjQeM2uaRSof/view 
By the end of February, invitations will be sent to prospective members and a new member orientation will be held in late March. All provisional Ticktocker and Patronesses members will then be introduced at our April Patroness meeting.


Mothers and their daughters (grades 7-12) participate in a program that embraces:

Community Service

  • Bigelow Center for Senior Activities (formerly Fairfield Senior Center)
  • Bridgeport Rescue Mission
  • Burroughs Community Center
  • Mission (formerly Center for Survivorship / CT Challenge)
  • National Philanthropy Initiative
  • Norma Pfriem Breast Center
  • Operation Gratitude
  • Operation Homefront
  • Operation Hope

The Fairfield Chapter supports 18 local philanthropies as well as 2 national ones.  which focus on the environment; elderly and children; special needs individuals; families in need; community; and cancer organizations.

All members are required to meet a minimum number of volunteer hours and a minimum number of specific job assignment hours per year. Our Chapter is an active experience with members committed to working for our philanthropies and our own organization.

Are You A Philanthropy Interested In NCL, Inc., Fairfield Chapter?

Any local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations interested in becoming one of our Chapter’s approved philanthropies, please email us at nclfairfield@gmail.com.

Leadership Development

  • President: Holly Calmus
    Leigh Ann Dwyer she/her
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Giardina
    Suzanne LaBella
  • Treasurer: Sarah White
    Clare Coyne
  • Parliamentarian: Cicely Poggi-Gedacht
    Anna Freitag
  • Vice President Communications: Sylvie Fortin
    Diana Palmentiero
  • Vice President Membership: Abigail Beatty
    Kelly DePiano
  • Vice President Philanthropy: Robin Charron
    Erin Fusco (She/Her)
  • Vice President Provisionals: Serene Compare
    Jennifer Shankle
  • Vice President Ticktockers: Erica Asaro
    Emily Conklin

The Fairfield Chapter has established a specific leadership curriculum for grades 7 to 12. Through grade-level meetings and personal goal setting, each grade focuses on specific responsibilities and life skills ranging from clique prevention, conflict resolution and effective communications skills to college preparation, career exploration and personal finance.

Activities of our Chapter include:

  • Thousands of volunteer hours served in support of adopted philanthropies.
  • Annual Ticktocker Officer Training delivered to girls who serve in elected grade level positions.
  • Yearly Grade Level Cultural Event providing a fun opportunity to experience the arts.
  • Annual Chapter Tea affords opportunities to use Etiquette Skills during a celebratory NCL tradition.
  • Conveyance of Awards to members with a record of exceptional service to the Chapter.
  • Senior Recognition Event celebrates the growth of graduating Ticktockers.
  • Monthly programming for Patroness enrichment.
Induction of the Board of Directors for the 2021-2022 year:
Back Row (L to R): Cicely Poggi-Gedacht (Parliamentarian); Sylvie Fortin (Co-VP Communications); Leigh Ann Dwyer (Co-President); Abby Beatty (Co-VP Membership); Tara Guth (VP Ways & Means); Valerie Johnson (Co-VP Patroness Activities) and Kim Sola (Co-VP Patroness Activities)
Front Row (L to R): Diana Palmentiero (Co-VP Communications); Serene Compare (Co-VP Provisionals); Holly Calmus (Co-President); Robin Charron (Co-VP Philanthropy); Emily Conklin (Co-VP Ticktocker Activities) and Erin Kelly (Immediate Past President)
Not pictured: Erin Fusco (Co-VP Philanthropy); Erica Asaro (Co-VP Ticktocker Activities); Kelly DePiano (Co-VP Membership); Jennifer Shankle (Co-VP Provisional); Sarah White (Treasurer); Elizabeth Giardina (Secretary)

Cultural Experiences

The Fairfield Chapter requires that each grade level attend one cultural event per year together with their class. The cultural events vary per grade level and range from performing arts musical performance, dance, modern theater, arts and culture, and classical theater or opera.

Some of the Cultural events the Chapter members have experienced include:

  • Touring local public and private art galleries
  • Attending professional and amateur dance, plays and musicals
  • Visiting science and history museums
  • Practicing the art of etiquette at the annual Chapter Tea
  • Participating in a virtual 5k Run/Walk




About National Charity League, Inc.

Established in Los Angeles, CA in 1925, and incorporated in 1958, National Charity League, Inc., is the premier national mother-daughter organization striving to meet critical needs of local communities through hands-on volunteer support. Currently, the organization has over 200 Chapters with 55,000 actively engaged members in 23 states.

The NCL, Inc. mission is to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development, and cultural experiences. Membership in NCL, Inc. gives mothers and daughters unique opportunities to strengthen their bond while growing together, sharing of themselves, and improving their communities. Through the mother-daughter relationship, NCL, Inc. will develop strong women leaders serving and impacting communities today and for generations to come.

What does it mean to be a member of NCL, Inc’s, Fairfield Chapter?

At NCL, Inc., the girls are given the title “Ticktockers”, which comes from the earliest history of the organization. As Ticktockers, girls in grades 7-12, participate in an NCL, Inc. Experience that includes three pillars: Service, Leadership Development, and Cultural Experience. Each pillar is as important as the other so, over the course of her six-year journey, a Ticktocker will have many opportunities for personal growth and development.

The NCL, Inc. moms are called “Patronesses” and they, too, participate in opportunities to develop through the three pillars both with their daughters and independently.

Whether a Ticktocker or Patroness, every member is elected or assigned to a role that contributes to the organization’s mission. Training for each role is provided through several programs at the local, regional, and national levels.

Active Ticktockers meet monthly as a group by grade level while all active Patronesses meet monthly. To remain an active member in good standing, all members must commit to meet a minimum number of volunteer hours (called Philanthropy Hours) and hours working to keep our Chapter running smoothly (called League Hours).


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