About Our Chapter

NCL, Inc., Phoenix Chapter is a group of mothers and daughters who have come together in a commitment to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences.
Members shall reside in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Like all NCL, Inc. Chapters, Phoenix aims to foster the mother-daughter relationship by serving its communities together.

Celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, the Phoenix Chapter of National Charity League, Inc. is the oldest chapter in Arizona. In 1990, born out of an unwavering commitment to raise their daughters to become strong leaders and positively impact the community through service, a group of eight women met in their homes to determine the interest in establishing an NCL, Inc. Chapter in Phoenix. 

In 1995, the Phoenix Chapter of NCL was granted official Charter Status at the convention in Los Angeles. Today, the Phoenix Chapter has nearly 300 members with a wonderful sustainer membership. We are further blessed to have granddaughters of our founding members enjoying time with their mothers and grandmothers through this six-year experience. 

Today, each grade level has 25 Mother/Daughter teams. Our Ticktockers mostly attend schools in central Phoenix neighborhoods. Many of our Ticktockers attend: Phoenix Country Day School, Arcadia High School, Xavier College Prep, Arizona School of the Arts, Sunnyslope High School, Christ Lutheran School, St. Francis Xavier, St. Thomas the Apostle, Madison Traditional Academy, Basis – Phoenix and Basis – Scottsdale.

We are continually amazed by the young women from our chapter who have been empowered by their experiences, become dedicated to life-long service and philanthropic work in their communities, and have strengthened the incredible bond they share with their mother as a result of their time in NCL, Inc. We are proud of our role in development of these strong women and are excited to see them start their lives as independent, committed philanthropists.

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Membership Inquiry Form

For any questions regarding Membership, requests for transfers or assistance with connecting as a Sustainer, email us.


Prospective members are mothers with daughters in grades 6-9 who reside in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area at the time of the membership drive. 

There are 10 chapters in the Phoenix area. Please note that a prospective member shall only apply to one chapter.


Prospective members should apply during our Annual Membership Drive from October-December. We do not maintain a wait list.


  1. Since NCL is a six-year commitment for both mothers and daughters, we want to make sure prospective members understand the annual requirements of membership. Please review our membership requirements here
  2. To fill out and submit a Member Inquiry Form, click on the link above in pink that is listed as “MEMBERSHIP INQUIRY FORM.” Please complete this form in its entirety.  Once you submit that form you will receive a link from our Vice President of Membership inviting you to complete to a Prospective Membership Application. 
  3. If you have questions through any part of this process, please contact our Vice President of Membership at



If you are new to the area or do not know anyone in the Phoenix Chapter, please let us know. We will strive to connect you with courtesy sponsors. 

Securing a sponsor, applying to the Phoenix Chapter of NCL, Inc. and/or inquiring about membership does not guarantee membership due to class size limitations.

Prospective Members who have an older sibling in the Phoenix Chapter of NCL, Inc. are considered legacies and are given priority consideration for membership. 

The annual draw is conducted in January of each year. 

Mothers and their daughters (grades 7-12) participate in a program that embraces:

Community Service

  • American Heart Association
  • Arizona State Veterans Home
  • Cancer Support Community Arizona
  • CASA Academy
  • Desert Mission Food Bank
  • Foundation for Blind Children
  • Free Arts for Abused Children of AZ
  • Gardens of Scottsdale
  • ICM Food and Clothing Bank
  • Phoenix Animal Care Coalition 911
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital
  • Ronald McDonald House of Phoenix
  • Ryan House
  • St. Mary’s Food Bank
  • St. Vincent de Paul of Arizona

The Phoenix Chapter has maintained long-lasting relationships with our partnering organizations for over 25 years. As our community grows and develops, our partnerships evolve in dynamic ways. Annually, our mother daughter teams provide thousands of hours of service in countless ways such as; preparing food boxes for distribution at food banks, hosting holiday events, playing bingo with residents living in senior care facilities, providing after school tutoring for young children, and serving meals to people and families who struggle daily with hardships. Our chapter thrives in partnership with these organizations.

Leadership Development

  • President: Stacey Wolf
  • President Elect: Ann Halaby
  • Secretary: Stephanie Hertzberg
  • Treasurer: Shauna Gliss
  • Parliamentarian: Doreen Valente
  • Vice President Communications: Kellie Parker
  • Vice President Membership: Tiffany Parker
    Denise Voss
  • Vice President Patroness Activities: Lori Myrick
  • Vice President Philanthropy: Jean Cody
    Jenny Ray McCloskey
  • Vice President Provisionals: Dory Gosar
  • Vice President Ticktockers: Kelly Brown
    Stephanie Cadwell
  • Sustainer Liaison: Dyan Getz


Carolyn and Christine Board
Gena and Allison Bonsall
Shän and Paige Francis
Susan and Katie French
Barbara and Ryanne Gallagher
Cindy and Kathleen Gilbert
Lenni and Tiffany Griego
Kathleen and Janey Henze
Martha and Molly Hunter
Gretchen and Heather Manson
Rena and Kristin Marlar
Mary Ann and Bridget O’Neil
Charlotte and Mary Frances Scott


Kathryn Piskulick (Mrs. Roger) 2009-2010

Kathryn Petsas (Mrs. William) 2010-2011

Betsy Moore (Mrs. R. C.) 2011-2013

Cristina Hatton (Mrs. Andrew) 2013-2014

Pam Kolbe (Mrs. David) 2014-2015

Michele Lundstedt (Mrs. Robert) 2015-2016

Melissa Brutlag (Mrs. James) 2016-2017

Laura Westfall (Mrs. James) 2017-2018

Sarah Gallagher (Mrs. Garrick) 2018-2019

Brooke Machen (Mrs. Craig) 2018-2019

Donna Lane (Mrs. Beau) 2019-2020

Lara Murphy (Mrs. Richard) 2019-2020

Cultural Experiences

As future leaders, we continually strive to build stronger ties with our communities and the individuals within them. It is through this understanding that we grow and develop broader worldviews that will shape and support our lives.

Mothers and daughters of each class attend a cultural experience together with a focus on different areas of art, theatre, dance and music.

Each Chapter celebrates the richness of its history through traditions that honor the past. The Mother Daughter Tea is an NCL, Inc. tradition. Today, NCL chapters around the country continue to embrace their long-standing traditions, as well as, create new ones.