Cheryl LaMee

Cheryl LaMee is proud to have been a member of both the Wellesley and Austin Chapters. After her provisional year in Austin, TX, Cheryl’s family moved to Boston where Cheryl & Molly decided to continue their NCL journey by starting their own Chapter, the Wellesley Chapter, in 2010. Since then, Cheryl’s leadership pathway has included six years on the National Board, two years as a National District Coordinator and three years on the NNC. She has been leading the Program Evaluation initiative since its inception in 2020.

When she isn’t spending time with NCL, Cheryl is often enjoying tennis, paddle, yoga, barre, Pilates or Mahjong. Her full-time job is Executive Director of The Julie Fund for Women’s Cancers where she runs fundraising events, grows relationships with donors, interfaces with the patients and, as she says, fights every day to put herself out of business.

Cheryl has two children in their 20s both currently living in California; her Ticktocker, Molly, and her son, Austin. She enjoys visiting Molly in San Diego and watching her 26-year-old use her NCL skills every day. Cheryl’s son, Austin, is working for several firms in the crypto space and preparing for a move to Costa Rica in April.

Delighted to have had the honor of continuing her NCL journey beyond her six active years, is honored to be slated as the President Elect at such a critical time in the organization’s history. One HUNDRED years is on the horizon.