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The NCL Experience changes lives by inspiring and empowering women to succeed as confident, well-rounded and socially aware contributors in their communities.

The NCL Experience is best told in the words and deeds of our members. We invite you to view the material below that has been provided by members who believe their affiliation with National Charity League, Inc. has been a truly a life-changing experience.

Member Testimonies

“We have volunteered at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure during our NCL years. Once, I was wearing my Race day t-shirt while working when a woman approached to say her car had a flat. She said she felt comfortable asking a stranger because of that t-shirt. It’s great being part of an organization that helps so many - sometimes in unexpected ways!" My daughters and I have volunteered at the Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure" in Houston several times during our NCL years. One summer day, I was wearing my Race day volunteer t-shirt while working in my yard, when an elderly woman approached me and said her car had a flat tire just down the block. Her husband was out and she couldn't reach him, but she asked if I could please drive her to her home, which was nearby. She went on to explain that she felt comfortable asking me - a stranger - for help because I was wearing a Race for the Cure Volunteer t-shirt. A breast cancer survivor, she had participated in the Race several times . . . thank you, NCL, for the opportunity to be part of this organization who helps so many - and sometimes in very unexpected ways! Robin Gladstein, Wildflowers Chapter

“When my young daughter died of leukemia on April 21, 2009, NCL women reached out to us and provided meals for three months straight. Because of their caring and thoughtfulness, we were able to survive with their help. These women were amazing, and were there from the beginning. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their love and devotion to me and my family.” Besides being an exceptional chapter of women who did amazing things in our community, my daughter, who was in 8th grade at the time, died on April 21,2009. She was diagnosed with Leukemia on March 31st, and passed away 3 weeks later. The NCL women reached out to my and my family and provided meals for 3 months straight. They were there as friends, but also there for delivering dinner to us, which we couldn't even think to go pick up something to eat. We were numb, in shock, and like zombies for months to come. Because of their caring and thoughtfulness, we were able to survive with their help. These women were amazing, and were there from the beginning. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their love and devotion to me and my family, even only being in NCL for 1 1/2 years. I am forwarding a picture of my daughter, Tayler Reynolds- age 13- 8th grade, 2009. Ginger Reynolds, Southlake Chapter

“While decorating for our Holiday Toy Drive event, I visited a local craft store for some replacement lights. The cashier asked what I was doing and I told her about the project. I was surprised when she said, ‘I want you to know it is so worth it. If not for this toy drive, my children wouldn’t have had Christmas for the last three years.” It is tradition that each year, on the Monday before Thanksgiving, that the president of our chapter hosts a Holiday Toy Drive Party at her home. So, late one weekday night in mid-November, I was busily decorating my house for Christmas, when some of the strands of little white lights I needed for my tree did not light. Not a big surprise, but it was a big, irritating, nuisance. I was grumbling about getting all of this done so very early in the Holiday season along with my other duties as president, so the late night trip to the local craft store was not really what I wanted to do. Once at the store, I spent some time picking up quite a few extra items and then preceded to the long checkout line. I finally made it to the cashier, said hello and started digging through my purse for my wallet. The cashier asked what I was doing and I explained to her my current project and that those “stupid white lights” didn’t work. She said something else, which did not immediately click with me, but then something told me that this woman was telling me something and I needed to listen. I looked up and there were actual tears in her eyes and she said, “I want you to know it is so worth it. If it was not for this toy drive, my three children would not have had Christmas for the last three years. My husband and I both work, but we just do not make much money. The toys we have gotten through your efforts are the gifts we have been able to put under our tree.” I felt an inch tall when I looked in my basket of white lights and Christmas decorations. Needless to say, this encounter has put new enthusiasm into all my NCL efforts and tasks. After all, it is so worth it. Julia McGregor, Woodlands Chapter

“NCL has given me everything that I could ever wish for. It has given my mom and me a stronger relationship through the service that we do together. It has also given me the joy that comes from service.  At home, the majority of my friends have what I have. We wear the same clothes, listen to the same music, and do the same things.  NCL has widened my horizons, showing me that other people may not be as fortunate as me." During the summer of my junior year, my Mom and I were working out at a Food Bank distribution site handing out hundreds of bags of food to needy families when I was approached by an elderly gentleman who wanted to know if he could just have one more eggplant for his family. Just as I was about to hand him the eggplant, one of the food bank supervisors jumped in rather abruptly and stated very strongly to me & the gentleman that there was only one eggplant allowed per family! I’ll never forget the feelings that came over me. I felt so sorry for this man; all he wanted was one little eggplant. It seemed so unfair. This is when I realized that something like an eggplant, so small and rather unappreciated by most people, could actually be the only food a family had to eat. This experience taught me a lot about the needs of others and how the issues relating to hunger are right here at home in our very own backyards. I'm so thankful to have been part of NCL for the past six years. It has truly helped me learn to be more compassionate about the world around me. Blair McDonald, Golden Corridor Chapter


The NCL Experience Video. Click the video to see how mothers and daughters have made an impact on the lives of the people in their community.


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Empower Young Women Everywhere. Click the video to view Margaret Lewis, a former NCL Ticktocker from the Stanford Hills Chapter, CA, talk about changing the world.


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Sandra Day O'Connor Testimony. Click the video to view Sandra Day O'Connor's message to mothers and daughters everywhere.


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