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Dear NCL Members,

  We hope that you enjoy and take pride in the new public pages of the NCL, Inc. website.  Many thanks to all who have contributed in bringing NCL to life in this new way, including the members and philanthropy partners who responded to our call for testimonials, Pittman & Associates, Geared Advertising and c.Spot InterWorks.

   Of course, with anything this complex and extensive, there are bound to be some inconsistencies and errors with layout, programming, and spelling.   We hope that you will work with us and our vendors to report what you might find by using this form so it may be corrected in short order.

   Submitting this form will send your findings and feedback directly to c.Spot InterWorks' staff, who will catalog items in order of priority and coordinate work based on the most critical issues. Functionality of the site is our priority, layout and design is second, spelling and grammar are third in priority.

   Thank you for your assistance and support as we continue to evolve the NCL website!