Local nonprofits join forces to help in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Hilary

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Desert Sun

(October 1, 2023)

In a remarkable display of unity and community spirit, the Palm Springs chapter of the National Charity League (NCL) recently joined forces with local nonprofit Rescue + Residence, an organization that utilizes dedicated Marine volunteers from 29 Palms, to support ongoing cleanup efforts in the Panorama neighborhood of Cathedral City, which was devastated by mudflow during Tropical Storm Hilary.

This extraordinary initiative highlights the enduring spirit of service and solidarity that defines both organizations.

According to its website, the National Charity League is a “multi-generational philanthropic organization of mothers and daughters” that donates “close to three million hours annually to over 6,000 charities in the United States.” One of its purposes is to develop socially responsible community leaders while strengthening mother-daughter relationships.

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